Amazon 101: What you need to know before you start your Amazon business and how to Do it

  • Opening a Seller Account
  • Listing and Shipping products
  • Calculating sales and profits
  • Commonly used acronyms
  • Rules and Regulations
  • How to obtain a bank account in both Canada and the US
  • US and Canadian Tax laws
  • Where to find products

Research Methods
and Promotions

Learn how to research and find products using the best software & tools that seven sellers use. In depth. Keepa/Helium 10/Jungle Scout and more.

Online and Retail Arbitrage

How and where to find massively profitable products in local stores & online

Scaling with Wholesale

How to find brands you can buy via wholesale and sell month after month to scale your business

Includes HUNDREDS of wholesale supplier contacts

Private Label: Creating Your Own Brands

Considered the graduate level of selling on Amazon: how to create your own brands and build an empire.

  • Sourcing from China
  • Importing Goods
  • USP's
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Testing & Ordering Samples
  • Creating listings that convert
  • Showing up on Page 1

Profit Mastery: The Secret Sauce
  • How to multiply profits using strategies like bundling to nd make more money
  • Marketing and winning PPC
  • Running Promotions 
  • How to eliminate your competition and show up in page one searches

Consulting and Representing Brand Owners

You'll learn how to use your Amazon skills to consult and manage Amazon accounts for other business owners for a percentage of the profits or fee you set.

Zero inventory needed and a great way to diversify and multiply income.

Shipping & Logistics

Learn the best methods to prep and ship your products including:

  • How to use and where to find prep and ship companies
  • International shipping options
  • Best ways to save money
  • Never see or touch boxes
  • Never have to cross the border yourself

Outsourcing /
Hiring Assistants

Learn how to hire virtual assistants and outsource most of your Amazon business using automation so you have more free time.
This is the key to scaling to $1M+


Learn what reports to pull and how to completely track your Amazon business using Quickbooks Online.

Save $ on bookkeeping fees and make tax filing easy. Know at a glance your business profits and inventory costs.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Learn how and what processes to document in your Amazon business.

Use them to train and hire others to do tasks for you.

Amazon Canada

You'll learn how to master selling right here in Canada on Amazon.ca.

  • Import brands to Canada from the USA with little to no competition.
  • How to obtain a GST number
  • Canadian Tax Rules

Selling in the US
  • Common misconceptions
  • US Tax Rules
  • Obtaining a US Bank Account and EIN Number
  • How to import into the US from Canada
  • Get Paid in US dollars

One on One Mentoring

You get direct access to me personally - not a bot or an assistant.

Just message me via Facebook and I'll respond (during regular business hours)

You'll NEVER stay stuck!


$100K in 5 Months!

$146,000 IN ONE MONTH!!


Parents looking for a side hustle while working from home and raising your kids

✅ Entrepreneurs who want to build a REAL business on Amazon

✅ Hard working employees looking to diversify away from relying on a job

Who isn't this for?

Those without an income or funds to invest into their business

Those looking for a get rich quick opportunity

Those not willing to take action

Students are Talking About Their RESULTS



✅ 12 Months of One-on-One Mentoring with me via Facebook

Messenger ($3,500 Value)

✅ How to Run PPC Campaigns

✅ Profit Mastery Course ($997 Value)

✅ Online and Retail Arbitrage Training ($1,995 Value)

✅ Wholesale training + Hundreds of Supplier Contacts in Canada and the US ($2,495 Value)

✅ Private Label Training: Learn How to Create Your Own Brands ($997 Value)

✅ A Complete Bookkeeping Course For Amazon Sellers using Quickbooks Online ($997 Value)

✅ Outsourcing and Standard Operating Procedures ($2,500 Value)

✅ Canadian Specific content including tax laws in US/Canada and how to make Cross Border Profits ($497 Value)

Total Value: $14,000+

I'll teach you step-by-step to build a successful Amazon business.

About Me

Hi, I'm Duncan Macpherson.

I was struggling at one time to support our family of four.

And I needed a way to make more money.

After spending countless days searching for opportunities, I was becoming discouraged.

And then, one day, I received an email about selling on Amazon. I wasn't even aware a person could do that.

So I researched further, registered for an account and sent in a few used textbooks to "test" the concept. When those old books sold for a few hundred dollars profit, I knew I'd found gold.

So I went all in. And just s few short months later, I'd made Amazon my full-time income.

I went on to grow the business and sell over a Million Dollars.

But I didn't stop there.

As there was no support for Canadians, I created a community that's grown to over 10,000 members. I went on to write a best selling eBook about How to sell on Amazon from Canada too.

As my time became more valuable, people couldn't afford to pay for coaching. So I spent a year and created this training for you.

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  Module 1: Amazon 101 - For BRAND New Amazon Sellers
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  Module 2: Selling on Amazon Canada (Amazon.ca): A Golden Opportunity
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  Module 3: How to Sell in the US & The World on Amazon.com
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  Module 4: Retail/Online Arbitrage and How to use KEEPA and other Tools
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  Module 5: Building a REAL Business with Wholesale
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  Module 6: Profit Mastery Course (Your unfair advantage against other sellers)
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  Module 7: Creating your OWN products and Brand (Private Label)
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  Module 8: Representing Brand Owners/Starting an Amazon Agency
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  Module 9: Bookkeeping for Amazon Sellers Course
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  Module 10: Insurance
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  Module 11: Shipping and Logistics
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  Module 12: Operations - Systemizing your Business so you can outsource and scale
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  Module 13: The Amazon Brand Registry
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  Bonus Material
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**All screenshots were shared unsolicited by real members of our community. We've not verified their numbers. This is not a get-rich-quick opportunity and we make no guarantees that you'll make any money if you follow our advice or take our training. I don't know you, your work ethic, or your personal situation so I can't say what your average results will be. I'll state for FTC purposes that the average person makes zero on Amazon because I've no way of verifying. Of course, I and many others have done far better than that. Yet, I assume you're an adult, and that you realize that all results of success shared here, including my own, are not typical. You could even end up losing money. There are no guarantees. The Seller Academy Masterclass, Duncan Macpherson, Selleracademy.ca, and smartfbaincome.com are operated by 10588695 Canada Inc. and are not affiliated with Amazon in any way whatsoever. Do not take anything on this site as guidance and always consult with professionals before engaging in any business decisions.


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