Bundles - The Often Overlooked Sourcing Strategy

Most people use Retail and Online Arbitrage, Wholesale and Private Label as their primary methods of sourcing for products to sell on Amazon. But there's another sourcing strategy that can make you far more money, with less competition:

Building your own Brand with Bundles

Many new sellers start out buying in smaller quantities from wholesale distributors (middle-men) and have accounts with many suppliers. Yet the issue is, profit margins aren't usually spectacular and it can be difficult to make money.

Private Label has become increasingly competitive - Especially if you're buying generic products from China and slapping your own label on them. Chances are, you'll be competing with 1,000 other sellers with the same darn product...perhaps even suppliers in China themselves! You can't win that game, so why not BUNDLE several items together and create something unique, that can't easily be copied?